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FSVP – Foreign Supplier Verification Program


FSVP Course Objectives

This 2-day training course was developed by FSPCA (US Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance), using the FDA-recognised standardized curriculum.

A FSPCA certificate of “Foreign Supplier Verification Program” training will be issued on successful course completion and signed by AFDO (US Association of Food & Drug Officials) by IFSH (Institute for Food Safety & Health) and IFPTI (International Food Protection Institute.

This training is designed to provide you with the information needed when you are involved in importing either food ingredients and/or food contact packaging and/or retail food products as to their food safety. The training instructor is a FSPCA accredited Lead Instructor for FSVP.

This training covers your responsibilities as a “qualified individual” if you are an FSVP importer and how this relates to the foreign suppliers and how it is different to the custom requirements for importing food products, packaging materials and ingredients

Who Should Attend?

Key Session Topics

Foreign Supplier Verification Program Certification


Attendance at any of the following training dependent on your import needs is strongly recommended but not required:
Preventive Controls for Human Foods training
Preventive Controls for Animal Foods training
Produce Food Safety guidelines


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